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System supporting vehicle operation

The system enables safe connection of the vehicle with cloud computing and real-time data transmission via 4G network. User can, based on precise information, be able to react to any irregularities in the vehicle's operation and take immediate action. The system has Predictive Maintenance functionality - detection of faults before they occur and elimination of unplanned downtime.

ComponentCurrent temperature Max temperature.
Silnik 0179°C87°C
Silnik 0273°C86°C
Silnik 0382°C99°C
Silnik 04105°C120°C - Alarm!

Basic system functions

Our solution allows you to collect information from vehicles and send them to the cloud in real time. Based on the information gathered, the system supports the maintenance and everyday use of vehicles. The system also has the ability to detect defects before they occur and make repairs at a user-friendly date eliminating unplanned downtime.

We provide Industry 4.0 solutions


01 —

Connecting the vehicle to the cloud, real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics.

02 —

The module supporting maintenance allows to precisely plan and repairs by optimizing work and reducing costs.

03 —

Big Data allows you to precisely analyze the work of vehicles and optimize their use.